The business scope of MIHNISVET Ltd. covers the entire spectrum of services in the field of industrial insulations. We complete insulations for routine maintenance, insulations in newly constructed industrial units or units in the process of expansion or modernization in all industrial sectors throughout the country and abroad. Our activities very often involve completion of complex and varied orders and encompass the whole work process from designing to finalizing and testing the completed site.
The scope of business of the company includes:

● General construction and repair works on pipelines, steam and heat lines, boiler equipment and other technical facilities
● Building and repairing thermal insulation on boiler equipment, steam and heat lines, pipelines and technical facilities
● Building and repairing new insulation on kilns and boilers
● Anticorrosion coatings, protection and insulations



Making a good choice today means security and peace of mind for your future. With MIHNISVET OOD you can be sure that your project is designed and completed in the most reliable, safest and most optimal way, with the highest quality and most innovative materials, by qualified specialists.

Precision and quality

Each work phase requires great focus and precision as even a tenth of a millimetre can often prove significant. Our highly qualified specialists and the cutting-edge machinery at the workshop ensure maximum precision and quality of the manufactured elements. During production, the state-of the-art tools used by the expert hands of our workers, as well as the proper selection of technology when using the different types and thicknesses of insulation and lining materials ensure the quality of the overall completion of the project. Another decisive factor for quality lies in the materials we use, all certified and fully compliant with the European requirements for quality and eco-friendliness.

Coordination and control

Coordination and control are of vital importance for the complete and high-quality realization of each project. Surveys and measurements are done onsite by our personnel, or, if the project is yet to be completed, they may be done using the engineering drawings, and then our technical department processes the information and performs calculations to offer the most suitable and economically viable insulation solution possible, depending on the type and purpose of the facility or plant. After the approval of the design, the overall work process on its realization is monitored and controlled until its very handover in completed form and its testing. The final acceptance test involves very strict control of each system element and the facility as a whole has to operate while keeping all of its features studied and specified in its design stage.

Meeting deadlines

Within our company, meeting deadlines is essential. To us, it is extremely important to build relations with our customers based on mutual trust and reliability, and for this reason we are really serious about meeting our deadlines, as well as about the prompt fulfilment of our orders. During all the stages of our offered services, we act with utmost effectiveness, productivity and flexibility. Our goal is to do as much high-quality work as possible while spending as few resources and as little time as possible.

Attention to the customer

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers and inventors. We attentively hear out their requirements and need, we try to prevent any problems in the course of our work and to optimize our productivity, managing our time and budget as well as possible. Our responsible attitude and our approach tailored to each individual customer are our method of work, developed and established in the course of our many years of experience in this field, aimed at the complete satisfaction of the needs of our customers and at rendering high-quality services based upon professional competence, safety, reliability, and respect to the environment.


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9000 Varna, Bulgaria
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