Member of the Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber, MIHNISVET Ltd. has implemented in the territory of Republic of Bulgaria multiple projects of different sizes and designation. These include overall insulation of pipelines in refinery Slanchevi Lachi AD - Provadia and one of the last projects completed in 2015 with a total area 15000 m2- insulation of pipes and vessels in a vacuum distillation unit in Solvay Sodi AD - Devnya.

Our clients are:

Solvay Sodi AD - SOLVAY Group - Devnya, Thermo-electric plant Deven AD - Devnya, Agropolychim AD - Devnya, Devnya Cement AD - Devnya, Alcomet AD - Shumen, Plastchim-T AD - Tervel, Tchaikapharma AD - Varna, Slanchevi Lachi AD - Provadia, Amilum Bulgaria EAD - Razgrad, Paralel EOOD - Sevlievo, Apolon- 95 EOOD - Gorna Oryahovitsa


Br. Miladinovi st.,
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
(+359) 888 490 860, (+359) 888 349 160
fax: 052 610 223