Established in 1991, in 2003 MIHNISVET Ltd. expanded its activities into the field of the production, installation and repairs of thermal insulations, cold insulations and waterproofing on pipelines, boiler equipment, steam and heat lines and other technical facilities in all industrial sectors. In the following years, owing to its efficient and competent management and to the commitment of its employees, MIHNISVET Ltd. enjoyed significant growth and earned its well-deserved good standing in the market. The company has its own storage facilities and a pre-installation workshop, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and producing elements that are in full compliance with the European requirements for quality.


Our company is well established in the sector of industrial insulations owing to our never-ending commitment and motivation. The reputation and trustworthiness we have built over the years are for us a source of great pride and a solid base to help us be ever more effective and competitive. Our company identity is founded upon the full conformity of our mission and our values, which are quality of services, effectiveness, operational safety and environmental protection.


The future of MIHNISVET OOD in the field of industrial insulations is the future of a company offering ever more modern, adaptive and effective services with regard to performance, productivity, safety, and respect to the environment.

Principles of operation

The main principles of our operation are
● High standards of safety
● High quality of performance
● Use of innovative materials with high productivity
● Staying on budget and meeting deadlines
● Highly qualified employees
● Continuous supervision of projects and control over the performance of work
● Excellent coordination with other companies
● Prompt handling of contingencies
● Maximum attention to customers


Our main aim is the maximum enhancement of the quality and the profitability of our rendered services to make them fully compliant with the requirements, the budget and the deadlines of our customers. Building a solid and fair relationship with our customers and investors, based on mutual respect and trust, is a prerequisite for the achievement of our goals. Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with the security and wellbeing of our employees. We work with strict procedures, using the best PPE money can buy, and we offer a high level and high quality of training for our personnel. The human factor is of utmost importance, and therefore our other main aim is to ensure the safety, health, and satisfaction of our employees. The security, qualification, and experience of our personnel are the main guarantee for the quality of our work. We shall always strive for discovering and implementing ever more innovative and efficient technology to enhance productivity, reduce risk and protect the environment.


Br. Miladinovi st. 120, app.11
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
(+359) 888 490 860, (+359) 888 349 160
fax: 052 610 223